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Struggling with life after OCD

Today’s post isn’t one I was planning on needing to write, but here we are! Over the last few months, as I’ve completed the process of stopping my rituals, I’ve found my depression worsening and generally feeling lost and hopeless. I wanted to share my experience in the hope that someone out there might have experienced something similar and can offer advice.
A little warning/disclaimer, I don’t write this with the intention of putting people off seeking treatment for OCD and attempting to stop their rituals. That is absolutely not what I’d say to anyone but in my rational moments, I can see how much my life has improved since starting my treatment. . At times, I feel braver than I ever have before and I’m finding the courage to try things that seemed impossible before – they’re small things that others wouldn’t give a second thought to, but they’re mountains to me.
My intention is to get some advice for myself and also to let others know that if you’re emerging from the cocoon of OCD …